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Photography Tips

I’ll be sharing regular tips to help you improve your photography. (Coming soon!)


Editing Tips

Learn to edit like a pro using Adobe Lightroom and even free mobile apps. (Coming soon!)


Web Design & Social Media

Built a photography website for a ghost town? Overwhelmed by choices? I’ll be sharing resources that will help you navigate the online maze to get your photography business online. (Coming soon!)

Just Launched! Photography Tips Website

My day to day job is creating high-quality digital learning. I figured why not combine my passion with my profession by bringing you photography tutorials, Lightroom presets, wallpapers and more through this website.

If you’re coming here from Instagram, you’ll already know that I can’t get enough of macro nature photography.

Have a look around, let me know your thoughts on the new site and if you have any ideas for content you would like, let me know! I’ll be sharing a lot more now this website is up and running.


How I can Help

Now you know I take photos and share nature photography tips, but what else can I do? Here are some of the other services I offer:


Colour Correction

Colour correcting and colour grading photos. Improved lighting and shadows.


Software Coaching

One to one introduction and training for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop


Retouching & Enhancement

Removing unwanted backgrounds or objects. Restoring old photos. Photo resizing.


Photography Website

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the choice, or don’t feel confident building your own website, I’m happy to build it for you!


What Camera do I use?

The questions I get asked most frequently are, “What camera are you using?” and “What Lens do you use?”.  For those of you who are interested, click this big green button. It will take you to a dedicated photography equipment page where I talk about the kit that I use or recommend for macro and nature photography.

About Me

Digital Learning Developer

My day to day job is creating digital learning, graphic design and animation for a global finance company.

I work with Adobe Creative Cloud software, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro as well as with Articulate software to create high quality digital learning.

I built this website to bring you tips and to share everything I know about photography and editing. Combining my profession, graphic design and digital learning, with my love of photography.

My Values

 Quality is at the forefront of my mind with everything that I do. I always aim to ensure that the content I produce is of excellent quality, offers genuine value and is accurate. In the age of information, we have vast amounts of content. What we need now is well thought out, high quality, trustworthy content.

Getting to know you

I always start with you, getting to know what you need and how this fits in with what I can offer.  

Whether it's teaching you photography or simply editing a photo, tell me what your vision is and I will tell you how we can make it happen.

Less is more

Photography and digital learning are both about tuning out the noise, picking your subject and focusing on the things that matter.

My aim with this website is to do exactly that, to give you what you need without all the fluff.